12 most common reason we overeat

Eating: what is on your mind?

The 12 most common reasons for overeating when not hungry.

  • Being alone – when feeling lonely food can be a friend
  • Stress & worries – food is a distraction & comforter
  • Hormonal – PMT, menopause, pregnancy, thyroid problems
  • Tired – we seek a quick pick up to re-energise ourselves (a caffeine or sugar boost usually)
  • Anger – frustration and unexpressed anger cause physiological changes in the body that actually increase appetite
  • Peer pressure & people pleasing – the chocolates or snacks are handed round, someone has bought cakes into the office again, your favourite relative has made a big special meal just for you and you think they would be upset if you didn’t eat it
  • Temperature Extremes: Cold – (warm drinks, hot chocolate, stodgy meal) and Heat -(ice cream, frozen desserts, cold beer / wine, chilled cocktails)
  • Holidays – all you can eat buffets and holiday “let your hair down” attitude
  • Other celebrations – birthday parties, bank holidays (Christmas, New Year, Easter), celebrations and special events (pancake day, valentines chocolates etc.)
  • Treats – as a way to treat ourselves (I have had a bad day, I have been good, I deserve a treat etc.) and a way for others to treat us (buy us a drink, cake, bag of crisps, meal etc.)
  • Pain & physical discomfort – in an attempt to soothe the discomfort sometimes with a particular food
  • It is just there / not wanting to waste – free samples, buy one get one free, it was left out in the kitchen, I picked up two instead of one, the bottle was opened, I did not want to waste it.
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