Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is a natural state of mental focus and heightened awareness in which brain activity slows and suggestions for change are more readily accepted. In a state of hypnosis it is easier to access memories which relate to current problems and difficulties. Once accessed the memories can be updated allowing more helpful habits and behaviours to be formed. Combing traditional clinical hypnotherapy with neuro linguistic programming and applied neuroscience; advanced structured hypnotherapy facilitates faster behaviour and mindset changes.

Advanced Structured Hypnotherapy can help free people from a wide variety of issues and concerns without relying on willpower.

Stress reduction

A combination of deep relaxation, guided imagery and mindfulness over 6 sessions to manage episodes of stress and anxiety.

Smoking / vaping cessation

An advanced hypnotherapy session integrating NLP techniques (includes an additional back up session if required).

Weight loss

Hypnotherapy can make it much easier to lose excess weight. A course of 5- 6 Hypnotherapy sessions over 2-3 months combines techniques helping to reset your relationship wth food, this includes boosting motivation to eat less, enjoy and prefer smaller portions and healthy foods and reduce indiscriminate snacking.

Dental Fears

A long standing collaboration with local dentists The Cedar Clinic has meant that many people with dental (and other) fears and phobias, teeth grinding, oversensitive gag reflex, needle and medical phobias are now able to relax at the dentist.

IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Hypnotherapy is increasingly recognised by Gastro-enterologists as a valid treatment for those with IBS. A course of 5 sessions over 3 months is usually required in addition to between session recordings which are personalised and recorded in session on your own phone (voice recorder app).

Medically Unexplained infertility

For individuals and couples having difficulty conceiving to overcome unconcious psychological blocks.


Hypnotherapy and other techniques can be successfully used to treat other phobias such as Clown phobia, fear of flying, cat / dog / spider phobias etc. typically over 3 – 6 sessions.

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