Psychological & Personal Coaching

Coaching is for those who would probably describe themsleves as being “OK”; without any specific mental health concerns, but feeling like something is missing or that life is not being lived optimally at full potential. Coaching is for those looking to achieve more, develop as an individual and flourish.

Coaching can be described as a transformative collaboration which enables indviduals to enhance their personal and emotional well-being, understand and know themselves better, gain clarity, set meaningful goals and develop strategies to overcome obstacles and change existing life patterns and habits which may be blocking success and preventing an optimal flow state.

Coaching involves active listening, thought provoking questions leading to valuable insights, increased self awareness, self knowledge, a sense of increased self confidence and heightened decision making skills. The coaching process often helps reduce stress, increase resilience and facilitates a greater sense of purpose, fulfilment and empowerment.

Coaching is informed by modern applied neuroscience, positive psychology, neuro-linguistic programming and solution focussed strategies.

Coaching is great for:

  • Personal development & self knowledge
  • Confidence & personal presence
  • Career progression (managing & leadership roles, business owners)
  • Flourishing and Flow

As a coach and member of the Institute of Leadership, I have undertaken further study in applied neuroscience (specifically around making changes, flow states, emotional / habit management, decision making & mindset) and i3 profiling (personality strengths & personal motivations) in order to help those who wish to be better managers and leaders as well as those wishing to develop confident speaking, presenting or interview skills, pass professional exams without going to pieces, overcome imposter syndrome, orient to new job roles, gain promotions, find or develop empowering relationships, overcome limiting beliefs and much more.

I believe having this type of personal coaching can help you to consider all options, make the best choices, increase self awareness, feel personally stronger, more resilient and reach a flow state in which you can flourish.You can hear more from me about mindset in the 360 Business Law Pod cast (Business Mindset).

Typically coaching sessions are 50 mins. fortnightly; although this may spread to monthly once we have gained some momentum.

Melanie Phelps

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